The Whole 30 Experiment

The hubby leaves on Monday for a three week trip for work. I have decided to use this time to get back to the basics while crushing the sugar demon. I am going to embark on the Whole 30. I have just read It Starts With Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. It is pretty straight forward.

Let’s divide it into the YAYS and NAYS…

Yay – Veggies (no white potatoes, but everything else goes), Grass Fed meats, chicken, fish, eggs, and FAT!! Well, fat in the form of coconut, nuts, avocado, and olive oil.

Nay – Grains, dairy, alcohol (no wine for 30 days, oh my), and sugar.

It is definitely doable with lots of label reading, but my number one concern is boredom with my menu choices. When my husband goes out of town, I lose interest in preparing awesome culinary creations. I tend to live off of cheese, deli meat, almond butter, and apples. Food/cooking is something we enjoy doing together.  Cooking for one just isn’t the same.

I will do my best to update posts daily with my ups and downs. Fingers crossed!


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