Day Seven and I’m back on board.

People, I went back to the grocery store. I knew that I needed more variety if I was going to make this work. Here are my goodies:



Leftovers from last night


Two boiled eggs, half an apple, and coconut butter

Dinner – Highlight of the day!

Ground Beef Patties and Velvety Butternut Squash

I found the squash recipe in the Well Fed cookbook. I was a little nervous because it didn’t have any honey or other sweetner. However, I was absolutely wrong. The roasted squash had an unbelievable flavor. The spice blend included my fav, cumin.  The blend was savory with a kick of cayenne. I will definitely make this one again.


Oops! I should have gotten the picture before I dug into it. I couldn’t resist.


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