Day 14… Out and About

I started this morning off with coffee and scrambled eggs. After that I headed out. My first stop was Whole Foods. I picked up afew things I will need for the week. I thought about getting lunch there, but everything that I wanted had cheese or added sugar. Bummed!

However, Chipotle is next door, so I decided that would be lunch. I grabbed a burrito bowl minus the rice, beans, and cheese. It was pretty good, but I was craving chips to go along with it.  Unfortunately, I dug in before taking a picture. I seem to have trouble  remembering this step.

Ulta and Banana were next on the list. I picked up these gems. Super excited for spring!


I finally made the pork chops I picked up from Whole Foods last week. They were awesome. I paired the chops with raisins and Brussels sprouts.


We ate this meal before the whole30. I’ve been thinking about what we ate for dinner prior and most of it was Whole30 approved. I believe this is why I’m not seeing any of the changes that people rave about. I feel pretty much the same. I’ve got some thinking to do.


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