Day 15… Failure or Choice?

I’ve have been doing some thinking about my Whole30 experience.

Here is the breakdown:

1. It has taught me to eat enough at each meal to prevent snacking. I wasn’t eating enough, which left me starving before dinner. I would get home and immediately head for the fridge. A couple slices of cheese before dinner.

2. I can live without my daily dairy fix. Milk will probably never see our fridge again. However, I am going to cook with grass fed butter. Cheese will be a part of our diet, but we will only splurge for the good stuff.

3. Sugar – unless I make the dessert, I’m passing. The store bought stuff I’m bombarded with at work isn’t worth my time. Plus, my homemade treats are delicious.

1. I haven’t experienced the changes everyone raves about. Honestly, I don’t feel any different. I haven’t cheated and I promise I wasn’t a whole30 Angel before.

2. Energy levels – same

3. Skin – same

4. Sleep – same

5. I find my aggravations with the diet outweighing any benefit.

All this being said, I know that this works well for some people. There are plenty that strongly benefit from the strict rules. I’m not knocking the Whole30, but it isn’t for me.

Last night, I decided to end my thirty days. I have eaten whole30 compliant all day (which is typical of most days), but I have given myself the freedom to choose.

Here is a pic of my awesome dinner:


                           Salmon cakes with roasted cauliflower

You can find the salmon recipe in Well Fed 2. Absolutely delicious!!!!!!!


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