Long day with good food

Wow, it’s only Tuesday. Work was crazy hecticand of course the lounge was full of little Debbie snacks. I can’t believe I used to eat those when I was younger. The picture on the box was unappealing, especially the fudge Brownies with walnuts. Ugh!

Even though I stopped the whole30, everything I ate today was still compliant. However, I stopped by the grocery after work to pick up a little something special.

Oh,  Chardonnay. I have missed thee…



Day 15… Failure or Choice?

I’ve have been doing some thinking about my Whole30 experience.

Here is the breakdown:

1. It has taught me to eat enough at each meal to prevent snacking. I wasn’t eating enough, which left me starving before dinner. I would get home and immediately head for the fridge. A couple slices of cheese before dinner.

2. I can live without my daily dairy fix. Milk will probably never see our fridge again. However, I am going to cook with grass fed butter. Cheese will be a part of our diet, but we will only splurge for the good stuff.

3. Sugar – unless I make the dessert, I’m passing. The store bought stuff I’m bombarded with at work isn’t worth my time. Plus, my homemade treats are delicious.

1. I haven’t experienced the changes everyone raves about. Honestly, I don’t feel any different. I haven’t cheated and I promise I wasn’t a whole30 Angel before.

2. Energy levels – same

3. Skin – same

4. Sleep – same

5. I find my aggravations with the diet outweighing any benefit.

All this being said, I know that this works well for some people. There are plenty that strongly benefit from the strict rules. I’m not knocking the Whole30, but it isn’t for me.

Last night, I decided to end my thirty days. I have eaten whole30 compliant all day (which is typical of most days), but I have given myself the freedom to choose.

Here is a pic of my awesome dinner:


                           Salmon cakes with roasted cauliflower

You can find the salmon recipe in Well Fed 2. Absolutely delicious!!!!!!!

Day 14… Out and About

I started this morning off with coffee and scrambled eggs. After that I headed out. My first stop was Whole Foods. I picked up afew things I will need for the week. I thought about getting lunch there, but everything that I wanted had cheese or added sugar. Bummed!

However, Chipotle is next door, so I decided that would be lunch. I grabbed a burrito bowl minus the rice, beans, and cheese. It was pretty good, but I was craving chips to go along with it.  Unfortunately, I dug in before taking a picture. I seem to have trouble  remembering this step.

Ulta and Banana were next on the list. I picked up these gems. Super excited for spring!


I finally made the pork chops I picked up from Whole Foods last week. They were awesome. I paired the chops with raisins and Brussels sprouts.


We ate this meal before the whole30. I’ve been thinking about what we ate for dinner prior and most of it was Whole30 approved. I believe this is why I’m not seeing any of the changes that people rave about. I feel pretty much the same. I’ve got some thinking to do.

Day 13…I need inspiration!

Due to the bad weather this week, we had to make up school on a Saturday. A SATURDAY!!! Let’s just say I died a slow death.

Since I was up at six, I made a mix of spinach and ground turkey. It was okay. Nothing to write home about, but it fit the whole30 criteria.

Lunch consisted of leftover cabbage soup, a pear, and cashew butter.

The grand finale is the real inspiration. Burgers topped with fried egg, sautéed onions, tomatoes, and avocado with a side of parsnip fries.


Tomorrow, the plan is to shake it up a bit. I’m going to venture out to eat for the first time during this challenge. I’m definitely looking forward to not cooking at least one meal tomorrow.

Day 12…Breakfast for dinner

My husband isn’t a fan of breakfast for dinner. He thinks it is a cop out. We agree on most things, but I think this is a ridiculous notion.

I LOVE BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. It’s quick and delicious.

He is still out of town, so guess what’s on tonight’s menu…


Bacon – It is Whole30 approved. Uncured, no sugar. If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan. It definitely doesn’t have the same flavor, but since I can’t have the good stuff it hits the spot.


The greatest cooking fat ever! I use this stuff for everything. Tonight it went into the hash browns and eggs. Yummy!



These hash browns were delicious! The ingredient list was pretty small. Salt, pepper, herb blend, onion powder, and garlic powder. Man, I will definitely make this again.


Day 11… Over a 1/3 of the way there!

This is ice day number two, so I’m home again. That means day two of “gimme food”.

I made it to the gym this morning for an hour of kettle bells…whoop, whoop! After the gym, I was starving.  Here is breakfast:


                                 Leftover Turkey with kale and avocado


                                         Half an apple with coconut butter



The squash wasn’t awesome. I think we let it get too old, so I scrapped it off the plate.



Cabbage and sausage soup

Day 10… Gimme food

I’m home from work due to the icy conditions, which means I’ve been thinking about food all day.

I started my morning with a cup of English Breakfast Tea. Yum!


About an hour later, I made myself a new breakfast. Egg baked in avocado with blackberries and sautéed kale. The egg avocado was amazing.


Lunch was leftovers from last night. Just as good the second time around. I didn’t post the pic, because it didn’t do it justice. Just know I enjoyed every bite.

SB&J burgers with sweet potato fries for dinner.


The burger is topped with sunbutter and blackberries. I found the recipe in Well Fed. If you don’t have the cookbook, you can find it here. The recipe calls for strawberries, but I didn’t have any on hand. Personally, I like the flavor of almond butter better, but I have some homemade sunbutter that I’m trying to finish off. It hit the spot.

However, someone in the house just made Brownies. The smell is killing me… It’s a conspiracy. Oh well, 20 more days to go then “Hello, Chardonnay!”.

Day Nine… How much longer?

I just finished a kettle bell workout that kicked my butt. The last thing I want to do is think about dinner, but I’ve got to get my three squares in a day.


Two eggs with kale,  half a pear with coconut butter


Sardines, half an avocado,  carrots, and nuts

Dinner…I don’t wanna eat!

Steak and roasted cauliflower


Dinner was actually fantastic. After coming down off of my workout high (or nausea ;p), I was actually ready to eat.

Day Eight of the Whole30

Today was hectic. I didn’t get off work until 8pm, which means that I didn’t get dinner until 9. Needless to say, I was starving!


Last night’s leftovers – this helps tremendously when you start getting tired of eggs.


Salmon salad with half an apple and coconut butter


Chicken with steamed kale and half an avocado – threw a little chili, onion, and garlic powder with s&p on the chicken.

Check It Out


          Don’t worry. I didn’t eat all that chicken!  It just looked pretty.

Day Seven and I’m back on board.

People, I went back to the grocery store. I knew that I needed more variety if I was going to make this work. Here are my goodies:



Leftovers from last night


Two boiled eggs, half an apple, and coconut butter

Dinner – Highlight of the day!

Ground Beef Patties and Velvety Butternut Squash

I found the squash recipe in the Well Fed cookbook. I was a little nervous because it didn’t have any honey or other sweetner. However, I was absolutely wrong. The roasted squash had an unbelievable flavor. The spice blend included my fav, cumin.  The blend was savory with a kick of cayenne. I will definitely make this one again.


Oops! I should have gotten the picture before I dug into it. I couldn’t resist.